ISIS Changes Tactical Instructions…

The Defensive Training Group

No more suicide missions; apparently the Virgins of Paradise are either all taken or they’re not impressed with the ones who blew themselves up or did a run at a belt fed.

However, those of you who are not considered ‘middle aged’ or have children, might want to re-examine your lapse in training (if, of course, that’s the case) and skip to the part where these POS are going to go after the young before the old.  Sure, it’s talking about Europe, but reflect on NYC for a moment.  The tactic is here.  And the purpose in that ought to be glaring:  Who would not be terrorized knowing their beautiful, innocent, non-combatant children (including newly minted 18 year olds) were targets?  Leave the elders with the memory of their young ones dying violently.

So, read on.  Then get your ruck out.  Do your dry fire.  Get back to work.


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Has Jacob Rothschild Been Assassinated?

Fellowship of the Minds

There is something going on, and it’s not being reported

I couldn’t even find this on Drudge!

Has the Chief Puppeteer been killed today in a plane crash? It’s too soon to know if this is so, but it does catch the imagination.

Here’s another report. Still speculation:

A little more at this link:

And another link:

Still nothing on Drudge, FoxNews, Breitbart or WND. Reports are only coming from the UK at this moment.

Hours later, here is the first American news media even mentioning the story:

There are a lot of very big things happening right now, but a news blackout on them. People, search for the answer to “what the other hand is doing.”

Notice the relative silence in American media on the subject of the civil war in Saudi Arabia, the declaration of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the rogue Saudi involvement…

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Reveille in America


reveilleFirst Call, Americans. Out of your bunks. For a good portion of you out there, a year ago you went to sleep. That attitude driven by a very real fear of government out of control over eight years produced diamonds. For many, it meant getting serious about preparing yourselves, family and neighborhoods for uncertain times. And then, you went to sleep. Your guy got in, and he’d make it all right. Everything would be fixed, time to rejoice and rest on those laurels. He’ll undo all the wrongs and the lever pullers of power would truly yield to vox populi. And then, you went to sleep.

While you were sleeping a lot went on. The Left in America, pushed into a corner, has armed up. Keep telling yourself you’re better…after all, it’s entertaining to watch a kid posture in front of a camera with a half-cocked Nagant. Keep in mind…

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Sticker shock coming with California’s new legalized marijuana market

Fellowship of the Minds


Government is going to be in charge. What else would you expect to happen?

From ABC News: California’s legal marijuana marketplace is coming with a kaleidoscope of new taxes and fees that could influence where it’s grown, how pot cookies and other munchies are produced and the price tag on just about everything.

Be ready for sticker shock. On a retail level, it costs about $35 to buy a small bag of good quality medical marijuana in Los Angeles, enough to roll five or six joints.

But in 2018, when legal sales take hold and additional taxes kick in, the cost of that same purchase in the new recreational market is expected to increase at the retail counter to $50 or $60. At the high end, that’s about a 70 percent jump.

Medical pot purchases are expected to rise in cost too, but not as steeply, industry experts…

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