Has the Democratic Party placed their hopes to high in Hillary Clinton?


The lines of Longitude and Latitude intersect in the devils scope of two different stories to tell, of the same event, by the same person. This also describes the detailed Digital Aim burdensomely assigned to the National Security OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION of Hillary Clinton and the responsibility of FBI Officials to decipher for all intensive purposes the Authenticity of Truth as it relates to our being hacked by Beelzebub , Lucifer-Gucifer or Foreigners of our Heavenly State.

There’s no question Hillary was Hacked, and by her Secretary of State position WE THE PEOPLE were too. The question is; did she know she was the highest ranking foreign intelligence Representative of the United States of America and did she treat that responsibility about the same way she would treat a shopping trip to purchase a new outfit, schedule a yoga class, or chat with a friend on IM?

In Hillary’s own words she said it was regrettably .. She made a mistake. So, accessing how BIG a Mistake it was is not only the FBI’s job, but one that could have profound consequences on all America as they place Trust in the FBI’s findings that could well be the determination of the Choices presented to the American Public for their next U.S. President in the coming 2016 Elections.

You recall in the #Benghaz Congressional Hearings we learned then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, #Clinton2016 , related two different stories one to her family and a foreign authority and a totally different story to the Media and American People about Benghazi being about a planned terror attack on one hand and about a videotape on the other hand clearly just a month away from the 2012 Election?

Well apparently the FBI is not an Agency you want to mince words or mix personal and professional work related emails with for your own Political Future or Pleasure.

In a New Reported Story today, disaster for the leading Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton rest in purposely muddying the waters for FBI Officials in an obvious intention to clear any wrong doing by scuttling personal and professional emails.

That’s what politically is understood to be a deliberate cover-up- an action wholly created to camouflage or sabotage an Official FBI Investigation. H. Clinton has repeatedly down graded her forthrightness in turning over National Intelligence from 100% to 90% to most of them.

This has caused additional grief for the FBI Officials burdened with the investigation concerning Foreign Hackers into U.S. TOP SECRET INTEL. from the Top Foreign Representative of the U.S in Secretary of State H. Clinton.

FBI [agents are looking at U.S. Code 18, Section 1001, which pertains to “materially false” statements given either in writing, orally or through a third party. Violations also include pressuring a third party to conspire in a cover-up][ To be a violation, the statements do not need to be given under oath.]

[..expansion of the FBI probe, which is also exploring potential violations of an Espionage Act provision relating to “gross negligence” in the handling of national defense information.]

[When an individual makes misleading or false statements causing federal agents to expend additional resources and time. ] Each action is a felony punishable upwards of 5 years in prison.

With such an investigation in process, the question is raised, “Is Hillary Clinton to big to Fail or Jail?


The Democratic Party, much of the MainStream Media, and many Foreign Investors in the Clinton Global Initiative has positioned itself precariously on the visiting list of Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. The Pay-To-Play list does in fact exist  with both Domestic and Foreign Contributors to such a degree you might say the Office of the President has already been sold out by shares before the Democratic Nomination has happened (wink-wink)? The question remains, how upset would those contributors be if their paid access was to Hillary Clinton’s visiting list in jail rather then the Oval Office?

This has undoubtedly left the FBI with a much heavier responsibility to negate any national security wrong-doing by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State by compromising the criminal code that to the public already seems to be representing one Standard for the General Population and quite another for those occupying elected Positions.

The rise of Populism in the General Public you can actually trace to the 2008 Birther Movement that even recently Hillary Clinton was tied to.

Populism is the political doctrine most tapped into by leading Republican Candidate for President and Business Mogul Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina on the the Right and Senator Bernie Sanders on the left. It is the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite or establishment in political parties. Hillary has embedded herself into the establishment of the party as an elected and an appointed official. To see the comments on Facebook of those who feel she embodies everything evil leaves little hope she will ever appeal to the center of the political arena in a general election.

The anti-Establishment success story in America today is and has been fueled with a level of complacency, exemption, co-opting. and general strangulation-by-triangulation or dearth of Justice by those charged to administer Justice. It is in the easiest sense to understand Political Corruption so rampant that Justice is unattainable in any leg of the Government because they are all infiltrated. It is quite simply the despotic rule of injustice, order, or the fuel of chaos.

In the United States our Founders and Framers worked with all of their faculties to divest power of Government into three Branches equally charged with a checks and balance system in the Order of maintaining Justice. The hope was it less likely to infiltrate and dominate all three branches.  There was no other reason under the Sun to give each Branch of Government the very real possibility of punching either of the two Branches in the face in the Order of squaring up Justice.

In simple terms assigning the duties to each Branch retained Justice in a check and balanced system. The Legislative Branch made the laws, the Judicial Branch interpreted the laws, and the Executive Branch enforced the Laws. As personalities infiltrated political  parties the principles are/were set aside, and the law now is perilously close to complete corruption. The quagmire is akin to shaking a bottle of nitro fuel up and predicting what part of the bottle will be the explosive outburst or weakest point.

While you might say it, “we live in an imperfect world, and no one is perfect”, a very real threat to Order, and what I mean by that is the Order in the United States of America established in our Union of States, is and can be traced directly to the the Birther Movement. The obscene of yesterday has become a new norm, but it is very much the pristine of today that are in the most jeopardy. That includes the Press Personalities and Political Establishments.

It is impossible to say Hillary Clinton was not a very real part of the movement derailing the Establishment in the Populist crush, as one of two Leaders in the Democratic Party in 2008 jockeying for the Democratic Party Nomination.  If she’d won that fight she would have been place on the side of Authentic Truth. She either did not have the strength to fight it, or she would not reach for the weapon that would enable her to maintain it in an Appeal to the Judicial Branch regarding Barack Obama’s ineligibility. Thus we see she is part of the establishment problem rather than in on the grass roots of the anti-establishment movement.

Looking back in hindsight she had already sold out as a New York Senator agreeable to the terms with Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain in non-binding U.S. Senate resolution 511. She risked being called a ‘Racist’ herself if she did not temper down to do Barack Obama’s business acquiescing her standing as a Candidate for the Constitution to one against the Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

If a point in our modern history could be scratched out as a focus of when the Democratic Party started its downward spiral, that would be it.

One might say the rest is HISTORY.  Democrats were doomed to a future losing streak the likes of which were just as poor as the the highs that catapulted them by the mis-steps the Republicans had taken that had angered the General Public to a point of releasing from Office the entire House, the entire Senate and the White House to Democrats.

The mistake was in Democrats choosing an ineligible unqualified Candidate for President in Barack Obama. I really think Democrats might have maintained an edge with Hillary Clinton in 2008, but she had sacrificed it. It was her choice and she did not see the trap. Obama was the horse Republicans took a silent oath to ride back to power.

Since 2008 Democrats have lost 900 State Legislative Seats, 13 U.S. Senate Seats, 69 U.S. House of Representative Seats, and 12 Governor-ships.

The leadership of the Democratic Party is suffering with about as close a call to transparency that exist with a meager 3 Candidates on the Debate Stage this Saturday in Iowa, but only because it cannot be hidden.

The strangulation triangulation has encompassed the party leadership so drunk on GROUPTHINK that it cannot resolve they are all naked on national Television. The strangulation triangulation exist when the same old leaders choke off any new blood from the establishment machinations in an exerted effort to maintain the status quo.

U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi is 75 years old well passed the life of a shingle on the roof leading the Minority of the U.S. House: U.S. Senator Harry Reid 75 years old leading the Minority U.S. Senate and now seeking to gain more muscle by suing exercise equipment manufactures then gaining muscle because of exercise equipment. Leading the Democratic Party as Candidates for President Hillary Clinton 68 years old undeterred by an FBI Investigation into what she has to admit due to the context of her own emails was a real fumbled in Benghazi and a national security nightmare she continually down plays as ‘just normal procedure’ and Senator Bernie Sanders 74 years old who in a poorly worded choice excused her for it in an effort to excuse character from a Candidate for the Office of the President.

The grievous mistakes of the Democratic Party which I am apart of, but thus far have been excluded from participating in the first Presidential Debate, and seem likely to be excluded from the Second happening this Saturday in Iowa, is one that also is disastrously affecting America. That disaster is one of AUTHENTICITY or AUTHENTIC TRUTH.

The authenticity of America is not of ‘being perfect’, it is one of being unique, you might say different. America has found her own way and has’nt been known for being a good follower. We are independent and curiously authentic. We are what the rest of the world called crazy because we did not and would not follow the establishments orders in the first place. We believed in ourselves characteristically like KINGS and Queens of Nobility did of other Nations. We are a strange bunch to the rest of the world.

We looked to the Supreme Law of the Land for Order rather then to a particular individual or personality. We were wildly “CODY” to put it in an unique American fashion.

The Republican Party has grown, matured, and infused itself with very capable consideration as the last four Republican Debates have captured America’s attention in unheard of amounts Political Attentions and jubilees television ratings- 23 Million for the CNN Debate- 24 Million for the Fox Hosted Debate,  and the last Fox News Wall Street Journal Business Debate shattered the records of even the Super Bowl in Live Streaming Viewers for NBC.

To state the Democratic Party is missing out by excluding not only the Public, but Candidates in their near prostrated position of nominating Hillary Clinton can only be underscored by the reflection of respect they have for Authenticity and Justice.
As a candidate for President I, just  like the Democratic Party over the last eight years have lost quite a bit. You might even say we have grown accustom to losing. The biggest difference is I am objecting with a standard of Justice that is attractive to conservatism in America that even Republican Candidates do not have claim on in the Supreme Law of the Land – our UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

The Establishment in the Republican Parties represented much earlier this year by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who has garnered hundred of millions of dollars can’t Poll in double digits, and is losing every debate to POPULARISM because he like Romney he would not stand up with the U.S. Constitution against Obama’s ineligibility.

Donald Trump on the other hand made a pass at Lady Birther and America swooned over him. Recently Dr. Ben Carson insinuating the lack of interest by the Main Stream Media in Barack Obama’s closed college transcripts,( perhaps due to his being a foreign exchange student and listed as such on his Occidental College Transcripts/Columbia Transcripts– Obama was known as the ghost of Columbia University) was a poker-tel of their own bias and scrutiny of what he did 50 years ago.

This amounted to hundred of millions of dollars in free publicity. Now let’s contrast that subjectivity with the Main Stream Media’s mute silence when it came to writing a single story about a United States Supreme Court Case involving two Presidential Candidates unparalleled in the Judicial Branch’s entire American HISTORY in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 or in covering the story in U.S. Supreme Court 2012 elections as 12-5276! If you think that’s easy .. try it.

You know I hate to point the bias as a victim, but it is so glaring, so demonstrable, so in your face, that the sweep of a broom is about all that’s left to do.

The Main Stream Media won’t even acknowledge  the Facebook Jail that has assailed a FEC Registered Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, how could we every expect them to acknowledge the USURPATION of the most powerful Office in the United States Government or  acknowledge what even Senator Rand Paul noted in the last debate as an alarming shift of power to the President?

You ridiculously wonder how in the world Mr. Donald Trump could go house to house and export 11 million people who are illegally in the United States?

The answer is right in front of your face in the White House right now.

If there was ever an Office seen as impenetrable and protected by the fourth branch of Government related as the FREE PRESS, just in case the Legislative Branch failed to hold hearings on ineligibility, and the Judicial Branch failed to hold hearings on the merits of Barack Obama not being a [natural born Citizen] ( ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, clearly  articulated in our U.S. Constitution with the same deductive reasoning employed by first graders) it has been clearly sold out to Billionaires exploiting the Supreme Law of our U.S. Constitution in favor of King-ships or Queen-ships.

The only problem is about the time the American People see the horror of self-financed Political Campaigns that are actually successful as Mr. Trumps very well could be, their Judicial Branch and Legislative Branch could well be seen as neutered, whilst our Union will have disintegrated into the abyss of anarchy.

The King Pins of the Dollar who fancied themselves untouchable will not find the U.S. Constitution anywhere in the world either. They will find their “entrepreneurial genius” confiscated by the Government, they will find the overreach of public property as the Landlord of their private property.  They will find Asset Forfeiture to be the new normal and confiscation in eminent domain to be the bully mob rule of their detailed fortunes amassed. The kings of the dollar will be the losing recipients of a class warfare unparalleled in U.S. History.

Yes, it is the strangest irony that those whose wealth is contrast in Billions are defended by a penniless pauper whose Motion to proceed in forma pauperis was diabolically and nefariously denied in the U.S. Supreme Court while being granted the same exact year by the Federal District Court (Utah Division) and the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

On a personal note, I go to bed every night and pray, “Lord, I give up. I am just not Politically fit or attractive for public office with theprevious conditions of servitude which haunt my own Record for standing up and taking a stand in a Religious calligraphy 22 years ago for which I did 8 years on prison for an offense of words.” I feel sorry for the next President and wouldn’t want the job anyway. I’m sick of sweeping the barn out! I don’t know why I’m doing this. No one supports me, no one is contributing and I’m last last last in anything and everything. Effectively, I am Charlie Brown! ”

I was talking to my Mom about the last Republican Debate. We were in the mix of voicing our opinions. I was talking about how well I thought Sen. Rand Paul had done in not being snidely, but clearly much more Constitutional. How Mr. Trump had used the opportunity to do less damage to his already winning campaign and how great and articulate Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio were in the Senate although they clearly reminded me every opening and closing statement they made they were not eligible for the Office of the President. How desperate Gov. Kasich seemed with his interruptions, and how much Gov. Bush wanted us to just believe he could ‘fix it’ while he talked in calculations not coherent to the common person. She related it would be interesting to watch the Saturday Debate of the Democratic Candidates and lamented, ‘but they only have 3 Candidates now’.

I said, ” Yes, its kinda hard to watch because I feel like its a football game that I’m suppose to be involved in, but am missing.” She knew how I’d felt when ever I was injured from a football game and couldn’t play. I said, its a Debate I’d love to be in because I feel I would be a contrast towards the center of the Democratic Party that was more conservative and was not represented at all in the rights and fundamentals of our U.S. Constitution and Civil rights.

Out of the blue, she said to me, “After watching 4 Republican debates Cody , I think you would be a good President Cody. I don’t want any of them for President.” I was flabbergasted feeling like I’d just won the endorsement of some billionaire or key figure in the Government, or some very affluent actress in Hollywood. This was my Mom! Very agreeable to my being her son, but most disagreeable to my running for President in 2008 and 2012 and constantly reminding me you can’t run for President and be poor. You have to have money! I finally won her endorsement. I couldn’t believe it!

Final Thoughts for the Establishment of Both Parties-Those abandoning Jeb Bush who actually has what my Mom always said was paramount in a political campaign in 100 Million Dollar War Chest but who can’t poll in double digits and whose losing debates; and those blocking real debate from Hillary Clinton whilst they cross their fingers in the hope that the FBI doesn’t interfere with their shares invested in her White House inauguration forgetting that hoping for Hillary might not be the best Hope for our Nation.

How can you count the ways in which to offend the Creator by drinking the kool-aid mixed up by the devil and saying “We drank nothing?”, while you raise our hand to use the restroom giving yourself away? Horse meat might not be what’s for dinner in America, and you’d have to say that meat is not served as the norm in American Restaurants like beef is. However, in the case of the Presidential Horse Races in consideration of the Establishments of both Parties, and the deprivation of Justice,  it just might be what’s Popular for dinner at home in America- politically speaking.

Chew on that “Cody” America.


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