Is it time for two Americas

It is painfully obvious after the San Bernardino terrorist attacks there are now two Americas.
On December 2, a Moslem couple, Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 people.  Their crime was they were infidels and Americans.  The crime was horrifying enough. The response to the terrorist attack by the left shows that America is no longer one nation.
The bodies had not been removed from the scene, indeed the wounded were still on the scene, when word of the attack broke and Barack Obama and the Democratsimmediately called for more gun control.  Some members of the left reacted with joy at the initial news report that the shooters were three white males.
The reaction of real Americans was to wait for more information. That turned out to be right as it was Islamic terrorism, not some white supremacists.  Markos Moulitsas, the despicable founder of the Daily Kos tweeted, “Yo GOP, kinda hard to talk about “keeping people safe” when your peeps are shooting up America.”   When it turned out that it was a terror attack by Islamists, suddenly the left turned on a dime.  All of their previous comments and social media taunts went rapidly down the memory hole.
Barack Obama, as he always does, refused to call this terrorism and refused to acknowledge that the perpetrators were Moslem. Attorney General Loretta Lynch doubled down on stupid.  She said that her biggest fear was a “backlash against Muslim Americans.” Who the hell cares that the California chapter of ISIS just murdered 14 Americans and sent a score to the hospital with gunshot wounds, she wants to protect the religion of terror. Then she threatened prosecution for those who engage in anti-Moslem speech. I mean, even as the AG she has no such power to restrict speech in this nation, and as the highest law enforcement office in the nation and one who swore an oath to defend the Constitution which makes her own uttered words criminal, she clearly ought to know better.
Across America, there is a huge split. Real Americans are outraged that the Obama Regime and the Democrat Party care more about those who would kill Americans than they care about Americans.  The liberals in the nation are berating their fellow Americans for wanting to do some common sense things, like arm themselves for self defense.
Today the left and right in America are so far apart, it is hard to believe we are in the same country.  It isn’t just the issue of terrorism that divides America.  For years, Obama has worked to divide the nation along racial lines and has succeeded.
Americans of a certain age can remember going to school every morning and reciting the pledge of allegiance.  In particular, we all remember the line, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
America is no longer indivisible. It has already been divided.
We are no longer a nation united in any real sense.  A quarter to a third of the nation wants to commit national suicide.  They want to open the door to Jihadist immigrants and view conservative Americans as the enemy.  They want to trade their national birthright of freedom and liberty for the chains of tyranny and socialism.
There seems to be no middle ground. Either we slowly surrender to the Democrats and their demands for tyranny or America splits up into a free America and a socialist America.
Is it time for two Americas?
If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected President in 2016, with promises of an agenda that will scrap our rights as Americans, will it be time?
When the Democrats decide that we no longer have a 2nd Amendment will it be time?
When Democrats decide that political speech against favored groups is illegal, will it be time?
When Democrats decide that freedom of religion means nothing more than being able to meet on Sunday mornings, will it be time?
When the Democrats decide that medical care will be decided by the state and certain people are not valuable enough for medical treatment, will it be time?
Is there even a chance, real Americans can start rolling back the tyranny the Party of Treason wants to impose on America?

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