Armed Citizen Corner: Texas Marine Shot Dead While Making Citizens Arrest

The Tactical Hermit

Whether or not you carry a gun for Self-Defense, here is a basic guideline:

  1. NEVER get involved in a situation that does not threaten you or your family’s immediate personal safety. You are not a Policeman. You are not Batman. You have no responsibility to put your life on the line to stop criminal behavior in progress. Think about your Family First and DO NOT try be a Hero.

Having said that, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Antell Family. -SF


An ex-Marine in Texas who witnessed a shooting in a Walgreens parking lot was shot dead as he tried to make a citizen’s arrest, police say. The Arlington Police Department says Anthony Antell Jr., 35, went to his vehicle to get his gun after he saw Ricci Bradden shoot his wife in the ankle after an argument, the New York Daily News reports. “The good Samaritan tried…

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