Erased From History For Speaking the Truth?

The Tactical Hermit

I wrote an article a while back entitled Damnatio Memoriae for the 21st Century? that discussed the disturbing trend of how Southern History was being systematically erased because of this ambiguous, evil entity sneaking across this land called “Political Correctness”.

Well it appears this trend has not lost any steam. In fact, it is now reached the point of “Steam Rolling” over people who decide to speak the truth. This is a tragic symptom of a society that is well on it’s way to complete and total moral corruption.-SF

NY Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox- Bostons starting pitcher Kurt Schilling.

ESPN Erases Curt Schilling From Baseball History

In the bad old days of the Soviet Union, Stalin, Brezhnev and the rest would literally airbrush out of photographs those who fell out of favor. Killing them and sending family members to Siberia did not suffice; they had to be erased from collective memory.

In this famous photograph, commissars who were killed…

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