Socialism Sucks: The Political Rehabilitation of Che’ Guevera

The Tactical Hermit


It might surprise some of you to hear that I can be completely unreasonable and even aggressive about certain issues; the rest of you already know me well enough to expect it. I left all my social skills someplace in Eastern Europe.

I’ve even been known to make an ass out of myself in public when faced with certain issues… but I do have a reasonable side – I just try never to show it unless I’m about to be arrested and I think it will help.

I made a rare foray out to civilization last week and I found myself standing in line at Wal-Mart;  in front of a man in his late 20’s, with his wife and what appeared to be 3 adolescent  boys.

He was wearing a Lenin lapel pin on his hat, the kind that every idiot western tourist bought at the Moscow Olympics in the 80’s, and…

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