Sen. Tillis: ‘HB2 is a state law, not my problem’ – #HB2 #NCSEN


The Obama administration has taken aim at our kids.  Under this administrations personal interpretation of Title IX, any child can use any bathroom, locker room, shower or even join any club or team — regardless of their biological sex. It only matters what sex the child ‘identifies as’.

By allowing such access, the door is opened for abuse, assault, rape and exploitation by those who would take advantage of such an open decree. All they have to say are the magic words, “I identify as…”.

HB2 is critical to protecting the safety and privacy of North Carolina citizens, especially children.

Nearly all North Carolina officials have locked arms and are fighting the Obama administration over it.  I said nearly all . While many of our representatives have joined 72 others in opposing Obama’s edict, our Senators are M.I.A.

A concerned citizen wanted to know why our Senators are not stepping up…

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