Veterans News: Congress Approves Ban on Confederate Flags in VA Cemeteries

One step at a time.

The Tactical Hermit

I am not going to waste my time or yours beating this dead horse Fighting the War to erase Southern Heritage in America, it is obvious that the powers that be are not going to stop in this tyrannical campaign.

But please, MARK MY WORDS: We are now living in Dangerous and Perilous Times, more Dangerous than you can ever imagine. Why? Because we now live in a country where ANY History and Culture can be demonized and erased if it is found “offensive” and by the same token, the Federal Govt. (not the people) can in an instant change traditionally accepted morals and standards regarding the sex of a person and force The States to follow along “or else”, regardless if the majority of people find it “Offensive and Immoral”. These criteria all add up to the definition of TYRANNY, pure and simple.

And for all of you out…

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