New PPP Poll On #HB2 Nearly Identical To Last Poll, Including Dem Heavy Sample

The numbers on Hb2 are solid. Have our Gay friends taken on more than they can swallow?


pollsurveyIn April, Left leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) did a survey that included HB 2.

I took that poll and had some fun messing with their sample.  I also reviewed the results , which said more about parties and zip codes than anything about HB2.
PPP has released a second poll. I have a lay out of all the questions at the bottom of this article. Here are a few tidbits first.

This  new poll is very similar to the first one.  In fact, the needle really didn’t move much either way from their April poll.  HB 2 only  lost one point of support from May to April. 

There is little to no change in the demographics sample sizes. PPP’s May poll used a list based method, not random sample. The only major demographics flux was in age ranges.

The May PPP poll had a question that April didn’t have: Do you think…

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