Crusader Corner: Orlando Shooter Called 911 to “Pledge Allegiance to ISIS”

The Tactical Hermit


Orlando terror attack gunman Omar Mateen called 911 just before the shooting to pledge his allegiance to the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, NBC News reports.

He also mentioned the Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing, during the call, CBS News reports.

Mateen killed 50 people and wounded more than 50 others in the assault on the Pulse nightclub, one of Orlando’s largest gay clubs. The shooting is the worst mass killing in American history.

ISIS has not officially taken credit for the attack, and officials have indicated it is more likely to have been an ISIS-inspired attack, like the San Bernardino shooting, and not an ISIS-directed one, like the Bataclan theater attack in Paris.

Congressman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, said in a press release that the attack appears to be an “ISIS-inspired act of terrorism.”

He said Mateen declared his allegiance to ISIS before the…

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