Kevin Jackson: LGBT Better Thank the Cops and the Tea Party Community

The Foxhole

Right on the money.

From his blog.

I’d like the LGBT community, the people I like to call the “genitalians” to get off your “how I have sex matters” asses and start thanking a few people.

First, THANK A COP! If it weren’t for cops, the Muslim extremist would have killed many more of their gay brethren, or whatever they want to call themselves. While the LGBT sat around watching the freaks of the #BlackLivesMatter movement denigrate cops, the very same cops were protecting your sissy asses all over the country. And in the case of Orlando, had it not been for those well-trained officers, heavily-armed police officers, there undoubtedly would have been many more dead members of the LGBT community.

Next, while they’re thanking the cops, thank the NRA for fighting for the guns that ultimately killed that Muslim scumbag who shot over 100 of your bros, killing 50. For those of you keeping…

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