While we were sleeping: Orlando Killer’s Father Held Meetings At The White House

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211Obama and is administration of ant-American buffoons claim to be doing a bang up job vetting the Syrian’s that they afford amnesty.

Just think, Obama’s not “The One,” he believes Allah in the symbol he points to is.

So much for Homeland Security and our Secret Service.


That’s right, all the goodies paid for by We the People to provide for our own less fortunate.

This is just one more Muslim of far too many that Obama has put in places in our government.

Rubbing the federal governments face in it as Mateen’s father is seen above outside the door of what was Hillary’s State Department.


I wonder what they were talking about?

The senior Mateen has described Omar as a “good son.”

Of course he also describes the Taliban as a good government so that should give you a frame of reference for what he considers good.


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