Another Reason to Be Armed: Armed Citizens STOP Mass Murders–A Long List of Proof

The Tactical Hermit

rime scene

It took the Orlando Police three hours to stop a mass murderer in a gay nightclub.   Armed citizens like you responded in seconds.  This happens not once, but time after time, and month after month.  Again, you stopped mass murder in May of 2016.  Similar reports from earlier months are listed here.

-A mass murder was defined as four victims of an armed attacker.  I continue to use that definition.  Our first example took place in Saint Andrew, South Carolina at about 10 in the morning.  The store owner and six customers were playing video games in a game store when two criminals tried to rob them.  The robbers wore masks and one robber carried a handgun.  The robbers took money from the store owner and then started to rob the customers at gunpoint.  That gave the store owner the chance he needed.  The store owner drew his firearm…

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