VIDEO Christians Must Prepare for End Times – SCOTUS Rejects Religious Liberty in WA Pharmacy Case

Reclaim Our Republic

Christian minister John Piper is seen in this photo shared publicly in 2012 by his Desiring God ministry on Facebook


“Oil in the lamps is part of the means by which they get their job done. If they don’t have oil for their lamps, they are neglecting the means appointed for them to do their work. They are supposed to shine with light. And five of them are foolish. They are not taking seriously their calling to give light,” Piper says.

“They are neglecting the only means by which their lamps can do any good. What good is a lamp in that culture? What good is a lamp which has no oil to burn so it can make light? Their job was to provide light when he comes. And they go off candles without wicks, as it were, light bulbs with no electricity, lamps with no sufficient oil, torches with no fire,” he adds.

World renowned evangelical leader Billy Graham has also called on Christians…

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