Crusader Corner: Killing The Terrorist Before They Can Kill You

The Tactical Hermit

This is not just great advice for LEO but also for Armed Civilians.

Everybody say with me like you mean it:

“Cut the Head off the Snake before they DETONATE!” -SF


The video footage of the terrorist attack at the airport in Turkey will have to be developed into a police training tool.

A new tool, used to teach cops to become combat thinking soldiers.

In the past they have been trained to be arresting law enforcement personal. The terrorist shot his way into the inside of the Turkish passenger terminal and then was himself shot. He hit the ground and his rifle went flying across the floor out of range, for the murdering Muslim to be able to retrieve it and continue killing innocent people.

In the cop world you are trained to think that now he is not only obviously wounded, he is unarmed.

So your seasoned skills…

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