Special Rainbow Snowflakes Fell In Chapel Hill – #HB2 #NCGA


Fellow blogger BobLee Says, put up an article yesterday that was  titled, Stoopidest Moment in HB2 History (so far). Go read it. I promise, it’s worth your time.
Rainbow SnowflakesIt was certainly worth my time to learn that the useful idiot students at UNC Chapel Hill decided to block traffic over HB 2.

Special Snowflakes are even more special when they’re rainbow-colored, I guess.

Anyhow, BobLee Says’ article links to the story at Chapelboro.com.  What I am excerpting below is not typo’d, it is how it was reported. The underlined emphasis is mine:

Organizer June Beshea said it was part of the plan.

“I’m excited at this moment,” said Beshea.

She was planning on staying until she was made to leave.

“I hope that get rid of the bill, I mean the law, but I’m going to get that I am going to get arrested tonight.”

The police let…

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