Farnam Quips: Survival Lessons Learned From Recent Terror Attacks

The Tactical Hermit


From recent terrorist incidents, several life and death survival lessons emerge:

1. Don’t head for the restroom!

Restrooms are dead ends. There is likely no exit from the restroom. You will be trapped there. When you don’t see another eligible exit, head for the kitchen. The kitchen always has a back door!

2. Have a rifle that shoots through things!

French police trying to stop the truck that inflicted all the carnage in Nice fired many rounds at the driver. Many did not penetrate doors. Many did not even penetrate the windshield! Most were pistol rounds of course, but when my rifle comes out, I want to be in a position to get inside vehicles with bullets.

In my 5.56×45 AR, I have a magazine filled with Cor-Bon 62gr DPX. Unlike 55gr hardball, DPX goes through car doors!

3. Don’t let curiosity kill you!

Get out and away at…

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