Rant Corner: Do White Lives Matter Anymore?

The Tactical Hermit


White Great-Grandmother Set on Fire by Five Blacks in Violent Home Invasion in Georgia

(click on above title for link to story)

State run media will not run stories like this because it flies in the face of the current liberal message that ONLY blacks are victimized in this country and therefore only blacks should get news stories.

I have also noticed that when black-on-white HATE crimes happen DURING your run of the mill home invasion or burglary, Law Enforcement will quickly say it was not a”HATE CRIME”, it was just your run of the mill average homicidal violence perpetrated by black drug addicts and parolees looking for their next fix.

The problem with that is if we reversed the roles and a little ole’ black woman was set on fire by 4 White thugs it would be the HATE CRIME of the century. The only way a story…

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