Prepping 101: Survival Wisdom from the Great Depression

The Tactical Hermit


65 Pieces Of Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

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My parents were both products of the Great Depression, and as such, I learned a lot about survival and prepping as a LIFESTYLE, not a fad or something “cool” to do from a very young age.

Some of their habits are basic no-brainers like “Waste Not, Want Not”; and that goes for everything, not just Food! My dad often got scolded by other members of our family fo having so much “junk” around our house. Sometimes going so far as to think my dad was a “hoarder”, But they soon learned that all that ‘junk’ was basically our own personal hardware store when something needed to be fixed, modified or upgraded.

One time when I was a kid, some of those relatives came down for a family reunion and one of our Aunts…

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