Regretfully I know not who authored the following, but his words struck a chord within me and I felt compelled to pass it on to others of similar thought.

“Lord, make my hand fast and accurate.
Let my aim be true and my hand faster
than those who would seek to destroy me.
Grant me victory over my foes and those who wish to do harm to me and mine.
Let not my last thought be ‘If I only had my gun.”
And Lord, if today is truly the day you call me home
Let me die in a pile of empty brass.” 
Many are the people of the Land Of The Free who are now beginning to acknowledge the danger facing us. They know that the ballot box has, and will continue to fail us. Their calm resolve is echoed in the prayer you read above, but no line is more significant than the last: “Let me die in a pile of empty brass.” Nothing better defines the American Spirit than a willingness to give one’s life in the fight against evil.

I am but one of many millions of Americans who have donned the uniform that tells the world that we are more than willing to put our bodies in harm’s way. We answer to a higher calling than the next Marxist regulation. Many among us have, as warriors, proudly served that sacred symbol of liberty that flies high atop a million flagpoles across this land. If death is to be found on that pile of empty brass then so be it, for we will not die in servitude to those who think themselves mighty.

In the sense of fair play I feel it only appropriate to serve a timely warning on false leaders who would attempt to take away our liberties. It is to them that I address the remainder of this message.

Your efforts will fail, for the cause we serve is just, our people are steadfast, and though many may fall, none will yield. Even our young are well armed and well versed in the use of those implements of destiny you seek to take away. You will take them not for we will stand united and, as a single voice, we the patriots of this nation will deny you your prize.

You wallow in your own ignorance if are foolish enough to believe that Americans will be shackled. Those among you who cannot comprehend the exceptionalism that has made America great have followed a different road than have we, and your regret will be everlasting due to having made that grievous error.

I am not so foolish as to ascribe these attributes to all Americans. Were that so we would never have come to this crossroad of history, for some among us are as spineless as the lowly slug, and it is they, in their craven weakness, who have put you, the unworthy, into positions of power and brought us to this point where we must either succumb or stand by our Constitution. We, the free men and women of America, choose the latter.

The vast numbers of liberals, cowards all, have empowered you and the corruption you spawn, but those numbers you cite on election day are as a wisp in the wind when the worthy of America close ranks and say “No more!”. We are a quiet and law abiding people and it is on our shoulders that the weak do stand. but when laws becomes illegal and the burden you place upon us becomes intolerable, it is only fitting to expect us to shrug off that burden and replace existing leaders with others worthy of the task.

They, the liberals, as an enormous voting block, have given false hope to those who would dominate our every thought, and when fiat rulings face open confrontation, those ruling will shatter before us. When angered Americans finally stand in unity, your followers will abandon you and their cowardice will serve not the aspirations of would be dictators. History will recall liberals as those who tried to pave a road to hell for we the loyal, but instead laid the building blocks for a new road to Waterloo for those who deserve it most.

Your predecessors enacted teachings of “tolerance” to generations of a people who have never tolerated evil. The wars in which our people have fought and died should have taught you of what we are made, but you have failed to comprehend the lesson. Today you have forged a mighty chain with which to enslave the men, women, and children of this land, but you and yours made a fatal error. That chain has a weak link. The tolerance taught to your followers have left them devoid of courage and spirit, and it is on them you rely in the confrontation to be, and as your Progressive dreams collapse, as would a house of cards, they will fail you.

They will fail you because you have taught them to fail, and now they know not how to win. Those who rally behind false promises will stand in dread terror when they must finally confront the harsh reality of existence. They will see the truth and they will be baffled, frightened, and unprepared; then they will turn away in abject abandon of all you have taught, and run.

Your open border policy invites those who know not loyalty to cast a vote for our enslavement, and those illegal votes offend and enrage us. They come, hands outstretched, seeking alms and enter our polling booths to make those alms compulsory for we, the warrior class. They will forsake their sought after alms and head south, unwilling to die for food stamps, for they too are not prepared to face the reality of an enraged America. A thought for you and yours: These people lack the courage to fight for freedom in their own homeland, how can you expect them to fight for you in a nation to which they owe no loyalty.

Of your Islamic supporters, I say this: They are cowards! They attack in great numbers against the helpless but withdraw before those with the courage to  confront. As proof, I offer the following: In Lebanon and Gaza they build their rocket sites under schools and in hospitals. They chain the doors shut and launch their implements of death and then hurriedly retreat before incoming fire, leaving the defenseless to perish. They have shown their “courage” here in our homeland. In the recent video of Christians being assaulted in Dearborn Wisconsin you see no adult Muslims, they sent forth their children with rocks and bottles.

They displayed more of their “courage” in Iran when that nation was at war with Iraq. The Ayatollah ordered 500,000 plastic keys from Taiwan. These were no ordinary keys for they would unlock the gates of paradise, and these keys were given to children before sending them to walk through minefields, clearing the way for trained soldiers. If, on the rare chance, they survived the minefield their purpose was to attack Iraqi machine guns, forcing them to use up ammunition. These are the kind of people imported to oppose us. Their children are a courageous lot. The adults are better known for raping the young of the world.

As to the militant blacks on whom whom you relay so strongly, we have seen their efforts. They devastate the inner cities where they live. They burn, rape, loot, and destroy, and when there is nothing left to burn, and no food left to loot, they will have no choice but to do what you have chosen for them. They will spread outward in an effort to keep the spirit of looting alive, and it is there, in the urban countryside, that they will find what true Americans mean when they hoist an American flag.

I have been adding up the allies of Progressivism and subtracting them due to their worth, or the lack thereof. And that only leaves one mighty ally on whom you cannot depend … Our military. You who would enslave America under a plan of martial law fear those on whom the whole movement relies.

There are many Americans who grope blindly in darkness and there are those of us who have opened our eyes. We get a message when we hear that today’s administration fears the vote of the military. They endeavor to have those votes delayed or not counted. We get the same message when we hear that the Secretary of Defense will not appear before our military while they are bearing arms. The message we are receiving is one of “Fear”. We, the quiet and the loyal of this land, are resolute in the concept of restoring and rebuilding what this nation was meant to be, and we are confident that when the day of reckoning arrives, the military will stand with us.

America was built by the strong. It will not be destroyed by the weak!


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