Armed Citizen Corner: Fighting From The Bed

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Fighting From The Bed

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Although the author promotes the use of revolvers versus semi-auto’s due to “reliability” issues, the advice in the article is sound. The author also touches on the very important, but often neglected fact of understanding the need of having to work around physical  injuries in our routine and also adjust to our bodies getting older in order for our self-defense readiness to stay realistic.

I also highly promote using a light/laser unit for home defense. It is really a no-brainer having a light on any fighting weapon, but especially on a home defense handgun.  I have been using Streamlights TLR-2 series for years now with great results. They are priced reasonably enough for the average working stiff and are tough as hell. Also as a side note, for a handgun setup AROUND THE HOME you want to sight the…

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