Lever Guns – 1, AR15’s – 0

Guns 101

One point I forgot to mention about lever action rifles is the advantage of built in iron sights. Iron sights basically refer to sights that are either permanently affixed, built into the rifle or those that you attach and you view with the naked eye. The benefit of iron sights overall is how rugged or durable they are and how securely they are fixed. For lever action rifles, they are included and/or built right into the rifle, so no extra cost or work is needed to add them. Below, you can see two examples of looking through a rear notch to then focus on the front sight on lever action rifles. You can have many upgrades done for higher quality sights with the help of a gunsmith, or on your own if you eventually have the tools and knowledge.


It is here that AR15’s and some other semi-automatic rifles do…

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