Living Off The Land: Reality Check

The Armed Christian

I can’t count the number of times I have heard someone say that they don’t need to worry about storing food because they will “live off the land.” A lot of the time I hear this from guys who spend thousands of dollars per year on gear, a lease, food plots, feed, and fuel in order to bag a couple of deer each season; maybe a couple hundred pounds of meat. Which they field dress (maybe) and then take to a butcher or “processor” to be turned into usable food products.

Small game such as squirrel and rabbit seem to be a staple fall back position for some. I bet they haven’t stopped to consider how many calories are to be had from squirrels (about 130-135) or rabbits (around 800). I doubt many have calculated how many of them it would take to provide enough daily calories for a highly active individual, like…

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