Bracken: The CHOWM Must Die! The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Matt sends advance word of a speech and mindset coming to a neighborhood near you:

The CHOWM Must Die!
The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics
By Matt Bracken

My progressive friends and intersectional allies, the CHOWM really just have to die, and the sooner the better. I don’t care if they die of old age or of something else, but they had better die pretty soon, because let’s face it, they have fucked up the entire world, and it’s only getting worse. The illegitimate “election” of the CHOWM-in-Chief was the last straw. Now it must finally be said out loud: the CHOWM must die, if our progressive, peace-loving peoples are to survive!

Look at almost any developing nation, or just look at our own inner cities. The CHOWM blood-suckers, who don’t even live there, have all the money and all the power, while our people are forced to suffer…

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One response to “Bracken: The CHOWM Must Die! The Rise Of True Progressive Identity Politics

  1. Patriots had better wake up to what Matt is telling us. Once the Radicals realize that their “bag of tricks” ain’t working–well, the last stop on the train ride of godless Marxism is always VIOLENCE. Matt is telling us we are being pigeon-holed and painted as “THE ENEMY.” And it’s real easy to get the worked-up and deluded masses to get rid of the enemy with the painted “bulls eye” on your back.

    My Dad, a cannon-cockier in the last big festivities in Europe 1939-1945, would always say: “How in the hell could an entire intelligent country like Germany fall under the spell of a madman and become so brutal?”

    He would point me to a Nazi metal belt buckle he brought over from WWII with the motto: “GOTT MIT UNS” on it. “God is with us.”

    Dad would shake his head and say: “Son, it don’t matter what YOU believe. It’s what these crazy, blood-thirsty SOBs believed.. And we had to kill ’em by the boxcar load to make ’em see the truth.”

    I, for one, sure as hell hope it doesn’t come to that here….God help us. But if my family or I or my private property is attacked, I will use some of the 400,000,000 firearms we have in America to defend myself, my family, and property.

    By the way, at 70 years old, I have never, repeat, NEVER encountered a Progressive, Commie, Marxist, or anarchist at my local rifle range or on any hunt I’ve been on. If a scrap is coming in future, I ain’t betting on the “Visiting Team,” nope. Give me the red-blooded, God fearing Home Team any day.

    Thanks, Dad, for training me with firearms for the last 60 years!


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