Is The Revolver Viable For Self-Defense?

The Armed Christian

We have touched on this topic a number of times around here but there is a new blog out there, Revolver Guy,  and this is question they deal with in one of their first posts (link). The author, Justin, is not just a regular guy. He doesn’t call it out on the site but he brings years of military, competition and combat experience to the table. He humbly posts that he is not a champion shooter but he skills the rest of us could only dream of. He is also a regular guy now with a real job, responsibilities and budgets. I will be following his posts closely to see how this project pans out.

Now, for my opinion on this question:

Of course, revolvers are viable for self-defense.

It would be hypocritical to say otherwise when I carry a Ruger LCR for self-defense almost every single day.

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One response to “Is The Revolver Viable For Self-Defense?

  1. The wheel-gun is surely viable for self-defense. I tend to prefer it for nighttime episodes when things go bump in the night. If I get woke up at 0200 or 0300 and need to defend, I rely on the basics–a revolver.


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