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Western Rifle Shooters Association


Via comments re this post:

Before some of you dog-pile Schlichter, please keep in mind, that what he says is not only damned good, but that message is going out to the either newly awakened on our side, or those about to wake up.

This is team building.

All those goody-two-shoes that marched with the Tea Party demonstration in Washington, all those that wanted to go, but didn’t, all those people who pulled the lever for Trump in Nov., under duress. And countless more. Peaceable, tame, law abiding, tax paying, pick up the milk and bread and the dry cleaning on the way home, Toyota driving, Saturday morning late sleeper, people. Living a restrained, but good life. Worried about family, and the roof repair, just want to be left alone, and not shit on by the latest Leftist lunacy.

THOSE GUYS. They are us, prior to us pulling our…

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