Woman Caught Posing As U.S. Soldier Sentenced With Up To 20 Years In Prison

A woman who was exposed for posing as a U.S. Army Lieutenant by Guardian of Valor in 2015 was just sentenced to prison by a Nevada judge last week. Kelsie Hoover, a transgender woman who began to undergo gender reassignment surgery a few years ago, was caught posing as a male U.S. soldier at Baltimore Washington Airport named “Michael Cipriani.” Following Guardian of Valor’s video being posted, Hoover was arrested in Oregon and extradited back to Nevada to face charges. Hoover went through trial and was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.


American Military News spoke to Anthony Anderson, the CEO of Guardian of Valor. Anderson said the District Attorney’s office that dealt with Hoover’s case congratulated them on their work, saying it was their extraordinary investigating that was able to get Hoover sentenced.
“I’m glad that people are starting to take Guardian of Valor seriously,” Anderson told American Military News. “This is big for us.”
“Look at what this girl did,” he continued. “She got 20 years, this is not something you play with.”

A veteran spotted “Cipriani” at the airport and began filming as he called out the fake Lieutenant. The vet sent the video to Guardian of Valor and they conducted a thorough investigation. At first, Kelsie Hoover admitted to using her brother’s ID to pretend to be a male soldier, however further investigation by Guardian of Valor revealed Cipriani was Hoover’s manufactured identity and not a real person at all.

Guardian of Valor posted the email correspondence with Kelsie Hoover that show an ever-changing cover up story from the fake Army soldier.

Hoover’s place of employment asked her to leave after they saw the video. Hoover had worked for Sparks High School using the Michael Cipriani persona, claiming she needed to use a wheelchair because of injuries suffered in combat.

Karla Solferino, the Washoe County School District Police officer, said that Hoover claimed to have a Purple Heart. Hoover was also reportedly able to obtain a Purple Heart license plate under the Cipriani alias.

Hoover was tried as a female and sentenced to nine to 20 years in prison. The Washoe County District Attorney’s office says Hoover will not be eligible for parole until she has served seven years behind bars.

You can read all of the updates over the two-year-long investigation into Kelsie Hoover by Guardian of Valor at GuardianOfValor.com.


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