Trump’s Wiretap Tweet Sounds Like Trap Being Sprung

Related imageSo, after a whole weekend spent listening to the Left and its media lapdogs express their rage that President Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping his campaign before the election, I’ve come to a completely different conclusion than that of all the leftists who are stuck in “Trump is crazy” mode.

I think our much-maligned president may have just used the Left’s own lies and hubris to spring a trap that may end up devastating the Democratic Party, its operatives within the Executive Branch and the liberal mainstream media all at the same time.

And it all rests on a simple point of logic, which has always been liberals’ weakness.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been treated to an endless barrage of reports about “Russian influence” on the election, with little or no support other than anonymous allegations that intelligence agencies had “intercepted communications” between Russians and Trump-connected officials.

Intercepted — as in heard on a wiretap.

Now, Trump has accused the Obama Administration of doing exactly what the media has been implying it had done to uncover the “Russian connection” — ie, wiretapping.




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