DEBUNKED: 7 MYTHS You Still Believe About EVOLUTION | Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro recently made a video in support of Evolution. However, there is much to be desired in terms of actual evidence to support the theory of Evolution in his video.

Tyrannical leaders like Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin all endorsed Evolution; and it led them to commit some of the most heinous crimes against mankind history has ever witnessed.

Evolution is a Satanic deception designed to destroy the Bible and eliminate the need of Jesus Christ in the minds of those who believe. Watch this video to learn more!



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Tiktaalik roseae—a fishy ‘missing link’:…

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Why evolution breeds monsters like Hitler, Trotsky, and Stalin:


One response to “DEBUNKED: 7 MYTHS You Still Believe About EVOLUTION | Matthew Santoro

  1. well, I wouldn´t blame the revolution theory for Hitler, and it isn´t just the revolution theory that makes hate. Every belief makes some crime against humanity, like Muslim´s bomb people, Jews killed Jesus and Christianity has been pretty cruel too. Don´t get me wrong I believe in Jesus, but I see the down side in Christianity too.


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