Dred Scott v. Sandford

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One response to “Dred Scott v. Sandford

  1. Thank you for these historical case studies, RL.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, As I have retired some time ago from serving 37 years in the “legal community,” let me offer some observations. The average American today is “Freedom illiterate.” They have no idea where their fundamental rights come from (surely, not FED GOV.)

    SCOTUS, the Constitution, Bill of Rights–these all mean very little to them , if anything at all. Few are even able to name the three distinct branches of FED GOV and what each ones duties are. Credit the public schools for these shortcomings.

    LEGAL ISSUES? Give me a break! Have you ever sat down with two people “living together,” who have come to see you to draw up their “Last Wills & Testaments?” When you ask them who their offspring are, they look at you quizzically and then debate in front of you: ” I don’t feel Dashanique is my baby–what do you say? I know Mondarius is my son, tho…” This goes on for a while. Invariably, there’s a comment: “what about THAT no good boy in Detroit, ‘Nooga, Philly…is he ‘mine?’


    Legal issues? To vast swathes of “Americana” today, the ONLY legal issues are: is the re-po man here? is the Bailiff here to evict us today? Po-leece at the door: “Naw! He ain’t here today…”

    I love my country, but fear my government– FED GOV for allowing, nurturing, and continuing this enforced ignorance, stupidity, and lawlessness.

    Regret to say we may be faced with “mob rule” instead of laws, at which point I modify the phrase from the movie “Breaker Morant,” into:

    “Laws? Rules? We applied the only rule we had available: RULE 556.”

    …govern your actions accordingly…time grows short.


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