Fake News: Duct tape antifa

Fellowship of the Minds

Antifa, the abbreviation of antifascist, is the word that radical anti-Trumpers call themselves.

Antifas are the masked punks, dressed in all black, who committed violence in inauguration demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and on the U.C. Berkeley campus on the night of February 1, 2017.

Although they are the ones who attack Trump supporters, antifas have started a new meme in social media, portraying themselves as victims of duct taping.

The fake victimization began with a tweet from Beverly Hills Antifa @BevHillsAntifa on March 30, 2017, claiming that a fellow antifa in Laguna Beach was duct taped to a stop sign by “fascists”.

The only problem is the alleged duct-taped antifa is actually a man in Houston, Texas, who was duct-taped to a sign-post because he lost a bet to his friends.As reported by CBS News on March 30, 2017, “the duct-taped man, who was identified as 17-year-old Miguel Chavez,”…

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