Upcoming Pistol Review: Glock 21SF (and, no, it doesn’t stand for, ‘Special Forces’….

The Defensive Training Group

I’ve always been a 1911 man.  I’ve still got one, a Kimber Pro Carry, which I absolutely love to shoot and carry, when I want serious artillery with me.  Of late, however, my EDC is a S&W Shield, in 9mm accompanied by 8 round mags and Federal HST 124 grain.  Nice combo.  My ‘go to’ SHTF pistol is a Glock 19, same load.  Simple reason to carry the 9:  Federal HST 124 grain is a hard hitting, deep penetrating round that allows me to carry more ammo, whether it’s a NPT scenario or a ‘get home’ situation.  But I love the .45 ACP round.  So, I always keep a couple around the old homestead, mostly within reach where ever I’m at.

However, I had (basically it’s gone to a good home) a full-sized steel (no colt bullshit nylon parts, thank you very much) Norinco 1911 government model that a good…

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