Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy of Charlottesville Va is the real Racist & Sexist here, not the White Nationalist.

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Vice Mayor Wes Belamy of Charlottesville Virginia attending a council meeting in a Nigger-Nigga-King T-Shirt…Promoting Black Power.


Its OK for Bellamy and other Blacks to display and promote Black Power, but will send Police to stop a legally permitted Protest by White Nationalist, and then demand the President label them domestic terrorist after they were attacked by known forces of terrorism, do you not understand the insanity of how the left are playing up to this double standard of rules and laws meant only to shut down any and all opposition to them so that it creates this thick fog of chaos so they can hide and operate within.

At around 8:45 am, the Police were ordered to stop a legally permitted, peaceful assembly by White Nationalist and were then deliberately marched to an area where the terrorist #BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa
were waiting…These two groups then preceded to attacked the…

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