Hi I’m Wes, what some call an old, white guy. Of the three genders – male, female and all fucked up, I identify as male. I’m wearing a ball cap, generic gray shirt, blue jeans and logging boots. My face and the logo on my hat is obscured, not for my safety, but for yours, as it’s too soon to start shooting all the assholes that will be triggered by this. I am looking down at my hands, holding my defensive sidearm, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 16 round magazine, two more mags on my belt. Not visible in this picture is my long range stand off weapon, a .308 caliber rifle with a scope capable of hitting a cantaloupe sized object at 800 yards, and an AR15 battle rifle in 5.56. I also habitually carry a knife used for, well everything a person might need a knife for. My passions are work, freedom, TRTKBA and outdoor recreation.

I have a masters degree in sustainable living earned in the school of hard knocks from having lived and worked in the real world for most of my nearly 60 years. I am part of a multigenerational group of white people that believe in hard work, personal integrity and responsibility. Contrary to popular belief we haven’t oppressed anyone, no matter what the SJW’s will tell you. We also don’t care about your gender, sexuality, who you love or don’t love, what triggers you (except to make fun of it) and so on.

If you’re my friend I bring many traits and skills of value to the friendship. Big in the traits column are integrity, honor, and honesty. A few in the skil lset column are are sustainable food growing, mechanics, welding, electronics, farming, ranching, animal husbandry, outdoor and woodsman skills, hunting, fishing, butchering, hydrology and myriad secondary level skills for each of the above. I also know at least fifteen ways to kill someone, only four of which require a weapon. I have many other skills but as they’re not really important to this bio I won’t bother to list them.

If you’re my enemy I am the thing of your nightmares because you are facing the worst thing you could face, a man of many talents and skills who absolutely doesn’t give a F***. In all honestly you are not equipped for the confrontation you want with me so you probably should run home to mom’s basement. If you cause disruption in my life or threaten me or the people I care about I will disappear your a** in a heartbeat and not lose any sleep over it. As far as your mortal remains, they will fertilize a piece of ground which will be yours forever, or as long as the nutrients from your body aren’t used up. All those, who used to know you, will be able to ask is “what happened to that a**hole?”


On a serious note: I don’t care what your gender identification is, I don’t care your ethnicity, I don’t care your religion, I don’t care if you are pea green with yellow stripes and like to hang upside down in a closet with your hands tied while someone pours urine over your body – JUST STOP pushing it in my face and telling me I have to conform to your world view. STOP telling me what I can and can’t do, STOP telling me what I can or can’t have. For example, you don’t like guns, good for you. I’m not telling you, you have to have one, so stop telling me I’m a bad man for having them. Like Aretha Franklin belts out, R E S P E C T, it’s not just what’s for breakfast, it’s the main course.



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