Antifa Demands That George Soros Pay Them for Their Services

The Foxhole

Need more proof that Soros is behind antifa?

A video Tweet posted by Beverly Hills antifa shows them demanding the payment he promised for all the rioting and violence they did on his behalf.

Soros funds lots of leftwing rent-a mobs.  The Berkeley riots,  pro Hillary disruptions, the ‘black lives matter’ rampage in Ferguson,  and more than 50 radical groups in the ‘women’s march’.

Background on Soros:

He facilitates various organizations, foundations, and financial sources as tools for an empire designed to mold the world to his own warped vision.  His  accomplishments include trying to silence media opponents, funding ACORN, financing his vision of a post-America New World Order, and spreading his malignant Fabian socialist ideology  throughout economic and political infrastructures.

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