Boycott the NFL Sponsors

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The craziness in the NFL will never stop until the Owners of the teams start bleeding money.

This can only be accomplished by hitting the major sponsors.

You can see 32 of the major sponsors below.

I encourage you to contact each of them and tell them you are DONE and will no longer purchase their products.


Gatorade (PepsiCo) Isotonic beverage
Visa Payment systems services
Campbell’s Soup Soup
FedEx Worldwide package delivery service
Frito-Lay (PepsiCo) Salted snack/popcorn/peanuts/dips
Mars Snackfood Chocolate/non-chocolate confectionery
Pepsi (PepsiCo) Soft drinks
Dairy Management Inc. Dairy/milk/yogurt/cheese
Bridgestone Tire
Gillette/Head & Shoulders/
Vicks/Old Spice (Procter & Gamble)
Health/beauty/household products brands
Verizon Wireless telecommunication service
Barclays Affinity card/rewards program (NFL Extra Points)
Papa John’s Pizza
Castrol Motor oil
Anheuser-Busch Beer
USAA Insurance/military appreciation
Bose Home theater system
Courtyard by Marriot Hotel
Xbox (Microsoft) Video game console/interactive video entertainment console
Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) Hot cereal
Tide/Duracell (Procter & Gamble) Household cleaning/battery power
Lenovo Computers (desktop, laptop and computer workstations)
McDonald’s Restaurant
SAP Cloud software solutions/business & business analytics software
Surface/Windows (Microsoft) Sideline technology/tablet/PC operating system
CoverGirl (Procter & Gamble) Beauty
Zebra Technologies Player-tracking technology
TD Ameritrade Personal investing/online brokerage/wealth management
Extreme Networks WiFi analytics provider
Nationwide Insurance Insurance
Hyundai Auto
Dannon Yogurt


This is the short letter I have written to each company.

“Since you are a major sponsor of the NFL, I will try my hardest to NOT use your company or its products until the NFL decides to take action against the players who are disrespecting the American, National Anthem and our flag.

I am a 20 year+ retired military member who has had brothers in arms die to defend our nation. This is a disgrace and your company should not support it.

Thank you”



One response to “Boycott the NFL Sponsors

  1. Since the NFL Players just want to fix injustices…Here is the FIX: ….. Senate Bill S.1342 “Eliminating Federal Tax Subsidies For Stadiums Act (2017/2018, Bi-Partisan Bill) seeks to eliminate 3.6 BILLION Dollars of Federal Tax Subsidies to NFL for stadiums & maintenance.; (Cory Booker (D), James Lankford (R); CALL YOUR SENATORS! Tell them to support this Bill because you want your 3.6 BILLION Dollars to go to the communities of America instead of maintaining the NFL stadiums! ……. HOUSE BILL H.R. 296 PRO SPORTS ACT (Jason Chaffetz (R) 2017/2018; this BILL seeks to end the Non-Profit loophole for the NFL and other Professional Sports by amending the IRS code. The NFL is anything BUT a Non-Profit! They hide behind a loophole. They should follow the tax laws that every other for-profit corporation follows. CALL YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVES! Let the NFL know You Heard Them Loud & Clear. By cleaning up these NFL injustices, we can use the federal tax subsidies (3.6 BILLION) to help the people and communities the NFL kneels for. Problem Solved ! Lets Take Our Tax Money Away From Stadium Maintenance & Put It In Our Communities! (No wonder our schools don’t have supplies & books!)


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