West Point Graduate Supports Communism, Flashes Che T-Shirt

The Foxhole

Meet Spencer Rapone.  He’s a US Army 2nd Lt. and West Point Graduate who espouses communism and a murderous cutthroat who slaughtered anyone who stood in the way of his ‘revolution’.

He participates in a Twitter site titled, “Democrat Socialists of America” .  His personal Twitter page is called ‘Commie Bebop’ @punkproletarian, where he posts his adulation for communist ideology and Islamic extremists.

I’d like to know who took the fucking picture.

Holding a copy of his favorite reading material:

This is what he thought of West Point……

……and the Constitution:

And the requisite sympathy for muzzie terrorists:

The only reason he enlisted was to ‘infiltrate’ the military.

The official response from the United States Military Academy at West Point to the onslaught of…

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