Salisbury: The Holiday Shopping Season Turns on the Faucet for Purse Snatchings–Outdoor ATM Stick-Ups–and Strong Arm Robberies

Rowan Free Press

RFP Staff

♦ It’s that time of the year again in a city getting drubbed by crime. Salisbury’s criminal element is out in force not only in Downtown Salisbury, but in its many communities to take advantage of seniors, women, the less physically able, and those alone on foot.  It is during the Holiday season when a dramatic upswing in purse snatchings, street assaults, ATM stick ups, car jackings, and armed robberies takes place. Salisbury, besides having a record number of unsolved murders and a skeletal poorly paid police force, is a petty crime paradise for people living on the streets of Salisbury.

Already in the last two weeks purse snatchings, strong arm robberies, and street beatings have shown up on police reports. Now that the holiday shopping season is upon us, the streets, parking lots, and supermarkets are jamming with purse snatchers, outdoor ATM Stick up artists and strong arm robbers…

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