Video: Carolyn Logan Escorted from City Council Meeting after Saying Council Violated 1st Amendment rights

Rowan Free Press

RFP Staff

♦ During public comments Tuesday, Carolyn Logan was physically escorted from the Salisbury City Council meeting by police when she mentioned that Council had violated her 1st Amendment rights last week. The mayor seems not only unfamiliar with recommendations of the NC League of Municipalities and the UNC School of Government (SOG) on how to preside over public input with parliamentary procedure, but she also seems to be unaware that disagreement or the desire to challenge a speaker does not validate denying a speaker’s right to speak or to attend an open meeting in accordance with North Carolina’s General Statues.

This action by the mayor was a clear violation of Carolyn Logan’s 1st Amendment right to free speech and her North Carolina right to attend an open meeting. North Carolina’s open meeting law, as in NC § 143-318.10, guarantees a person is entitled to attend and is…

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After Trump Drops Truth Bomb on Media Over Charlottesville, Lefties Have Crying Jag

The Foxhole

Hilarity ensued. So much winning.

As President Trump slammed the extremists on both sides of the riot and dared to include the antifa thugs who showed up to ‘counter protest’  with violence, the liberal media pundits literally wet themselves.

First up, is a geek who writes for the liberal rag Vanity Fair:

This little princess was reduced to emotional mush when Trump was elected:

Apparently, the bourbon wasn’t enough to drown his sorrows over the threat of Trump reversing the damage Obama did to this country for eight years.

The snark on the thread had me in tears—as in laughing so hard I cried.

Jake Tapper is going insane:

Chuckie Todd is shaking:

Trump rained red pills all over their parade.

When they shake in their panties over a President who tells the truth about alt-Left antifa thugs, it’s been a great press conference.

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Be damned if we do, Be damned if we don’t. Cultural Genocide and the Silence that Follows.


In a Nutshell……………

I’m an American Patriot, a deeply rooted Southerner who are absolutely proud of my heritage and its reprehensible to me, to witness our War memorials, historical markers and rich Southern history being removed based on the revised historical lies that are being used by the Democrats to mobilize rebellious forces who hate America to stop those opposing them, forces that are today effectively committing Cultural genocide of our White cultures…

Look, I say it often, my Whiteness is simply a byproduct of my Scots-Irish-English ancestors and yes, I have a draw to them and a great sense of pride in the sacrifices my forefathers made for their generations to follow, many of which founded this Nation, and worked and toiled this land with blood sweat and tears and most notably with a great amount of the unfairness and many injustices that burdened many of them down and…

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